Anointed for More: Breaking the Chains of Unforgiveness Part 2

I’ve learned that forgiveness is an empowerment that affords many rewards. One reward is that it silences the internal terrorist. The internal terrorist replays the event in your head repeatedly. You can tell when a person has become victim to

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Anointed For More: Breaking the Chains of Unforgiveness Part 1

For more than two weeks the daily devotional calendar on my desk has focused on forgiveness. Although I’ve read each devotional many times before, this time I was compelled to think about who I need to forgive. To be honest

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I recently started occupational therapy for surgery I had on my left arm. The therapist said if my clothes were irritating my incision, he had a remedy. I looked forward to relief from the irritation I was experiencing. I thought

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Since the Philadelphia Eagles’ super bowl win on February 4, I’ve been thinking a lot about destiny and why it’s important not to allow circumstances to get the best of you. In a post-super bowl interview Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles

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Against All Odds: Part 2

God always calls you to do something greater than your ability. That’s because God’s purpose for your life can’t be hindered by your circumstances, weaknesses, limitations, mistakes or failures. Your past no longer defines who you are, or what you

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