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Pregnant With Purpose Part II

Welcome back as we conclude our discussion on “Pregnant With Purpose.” You are the manifestation of a thought in the mind of God. God’s thoughts become His words. God’s words are His promises. God’s promises are His reality for your

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Pregnant With Purpose Part I

For some of you, as soon as you read the title of today’s post you automatically concluded this couldn’t possibly apply to you. Although this post discusses pregnancy, it applies to males and females alike. I encourage you to read

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Trusting God When You Can’t Trace Him Part II

In our last post we  discussed how learning to trust God is a process. In this post we’ll talk about the certainty of God’s promises. Trusting God requires that you understand the contradictory nature of His promises. Ever notice when

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Trusting God When You Can’t Trace Him Part I

We’ve entered a season where God is calling His children to confront and combat things that have been plaguing them for years. Trust is at the heart of the matter. To trust means “to cling or lean on someone or

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More Heart Talk…

In light of February being heart month, I’d like to share this post once again. I’ve added some new insight since the last post. Enjoy! Usually when someone says they want to have a heart-to-heart talk, it’s about serious business.

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