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Rest In Peace

It’s interesting the phrase “rest in peace” is generally attributed to the dead. But you don’t have to die to rest in peace. As Christians, God’s peace is available to us despite the tumultuous times we’re living in. Jesus told

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Recharging Station

In the past I tended to be a task-oriented person. I had no regard for the people with whom I worked. Everything was solely about getting the job done, even when it came to working in ministry. Over the years

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Maya’s Dream

Maya LaBoo is our guest blogger this week. Read on and enjoy her post! It was early 2020, I woke up from the most amazing dream. I was standing in the middle of my very own studio. Surrounded by images

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Help is Always Available

Have you ever found yourself buried beneath the weight of your circumstances and unable to dig yourself out? Situations like this can cause you to doubt God’s love and His willingness to come to your aid. Child of the Most

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Declutter Your Life

During this quarantine period, many people have cleaned out their closets, attics, garages, cabinets, and drawers, me included. Each time I’ve done this level of cleaning, I always promise myself to never hold onto anything that’s outdated or useless. Needless

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