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The Abundant Life!

Salvation is what I call a package deal. It’s not limited to the salvation of your soul. It includes every area of your life: spiritual, relational, physical, emotional, and material. The eternal life Christ provides for those who accept Him

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The Problem

Being a Christian doesn’t exempt you from experiencing problems. Generally, believers view the word “problem” in negative terms. What looks like a problem to you, God sees as an opportunity. A problem demands God’s wisdom in order to successfully navigate

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Predictions vs. Promises

One morning as I was about to check the weather forecast to figure out what to wear, the thought occurred that I’m quicker to believe a weather prediction, traffic report or news story than God’s promises. Unlike man’s predictions that

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The Other Side of the Storm

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it seemed as if it your circumstances were about to consume you?  Recently, I received some very unsettling news that shook me at my very core. Trying to fight off feelings

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The Mind is a Powerful Tool

Linda Sanders is our guest blogger for this post. I pray her post will be a source of encouragement for you during this time! The mind is where thoughts are formed and decisions are made. It serves as the storehouse

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