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Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is a therapeutic intervention whereby a person is exposed to a source of fear to enable them to overcome the anxiety or distress it produces. The intent is that over the course of time the person becomes less

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Seeing Beyond Sight

We’re living in tumultuous times were day after day we’re bombarded with one “breaking” news report after another. If you’re not mindful, news reports will leave you angry, discouraged and depressed. The writer of II Corinthians 4:18 says, “So we

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God Hasn’t Lost Control

At every turn, there seems to be another “breaking news” report. There’s rising unemployment, businesses collapsing, plagues of locusts in Africa, raging fires, earthquakes, and other events we never thought we’d witness in our lifetime. With COVID-19, the brazen murder

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The Abundant Life!

Salvation is what I call a package deal. It’s not limited to the salvation of your soul. It includes every area of your life: spiritual, relational, physical, emotional, and material. The eternal life Christ provides for those who accept Him

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The Problem

Being a Christian doesn’t exempt you from experiencing problems. Generally, believers view the word “problem” in negative terms. What looks like a problem to you, God sees as an opportunity. A problem demands God’s wisdom in order to successfully navigate

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