Your Praise Has Power: Part I

Did you know you’re a great threat to the devil? That’s why he works so feverishly to keep you preoccupied with your problems. The reason the devil fears you so much is because he knows power is released when you

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Growing In the Dark

Each of us in our Christian walk will experience dark seasons. The word dark has a negative connotation that conjures up discouraging thoughts. Taking this into consideration, is it possible for anything good to result from the dark times you

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I’ve been thinking about the vision God gave me for Innovations Ministries years ago. The vision has transformed into something greater than I could have ever imagined when God first gave it to me. So how do you know your

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! It’s the time of year when many people clean weeds out of their garden beds to make way for new plantings. Webster’s dictionary defines a weed as, “a plant that tends to grow where not

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I Don’t Live There Anymore

Several years ago, when I moved out of my apartment, I made repeated visits to the empty dwelling to check for mail, even though it was already being forwarded to my new address. I hadn’t turned in the key because

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