Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! It’s the time of year when many people clean weeds out of their garden beds to make way for new plantings. Webster’s dictionary defines a weed as, “a plant that tends to grow where not

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I Don’t Live There Anymore

Several years ago, when I moved out of my apartment, I made repeated visits to the empty dwelling to check for mail, even though it was already being forwarded to my new address. I hadn’t turned in the key because

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Effective Prayers

Every morning long before my alarm clock goes off my cat Dallas uses an arsenal of tactics to wake me. He meows, taps my face with his paw and gives me head butts. When all else fails he’ll sit on

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The Power of Snowflakes

I ‘m always mesmerized by snow as it blankets the earth. When it snows a hush and stillness permeates the atmosphere. There’s a great deal we can learn from snow. By itself, an individual snowflake is extremely fragile. It simply

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Anointed for More: Breaking the Chains of Unforgiveness Part 2

I’ve learned that forgiveness is an empowerment that affords many rewards. One reward is that it silences the internal terrorist. The internal terrorist replays the event in your head repeatedly. You can tell when a person has become victim to

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